Rhesus Macaque

Monkeying around with OHSU and what we’re not supposed to know

Since Halloween is upon us, I promise I will end this column with a federal agent in a monkey suit. Meanwhile, though, the story starts at Oregon Health & Sciences University, where on Sept. 3, the university received a shipment of primates from a controversial company, the owner of which was once convicted in an animal smuggling case. It’s all more legitimate than it sounds. Or is it?

On death and campaign finance

Tracking money in state politics is good. That seems to be the one thing everybody in Oregon can agree on when it comes to campaign finance. Even opponents of campaign finance reform proudly tout how ORESTAR, Oregon’s public-facing campaign finance database, tracks everything. Who needs reform, they say, in a state where the money is transparent? Except there’s one thing ORESTAR doesn’t track, we now know: pro bono actors who insert themselves into state politics but fail to leave fingerprints.

A vision for transparency reform in Oregon

In my household there is a running gag. It’s that my future biography — to be written by my husband, who I have been talking at for a minimum of two hours a day for many years — will be called Visions. It will not be about all of the things I have accomplished. It will be a list, likely numbering in the hundreds of pages, of all the great ideas I’ve had but for a variety of reasons did not see through. There will be the numerous companies I have started (in my mind, anyway).