July 14, 2015

Non-answers from the Marine Stewardship Council

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Lee van der Voo’s story last week on how a supposedly sustainable fishery is harming Native Alaskans is still lighting up social media.

This month in SIDEBAR, an exclusive monthly dispatch from inside our newsroom just for InvestigateWest members, Robert McClure shares how a spokesperson for the Marine Stewardship Council ducked, dipped and dived around our questions about seafood sustainability.

“But the Filet-O-Fish is the only thing I ever order at McDonalds!”

I’m pretty sure my wife Sally wasn’t the only one to express this sentiment when she read Lee van der Voo’s terrifically reported news analysis of a little-covered fight between Alaska Natives and a corporate-owned, Seattle-based fleet of trawlers that pulls in America’s single largest catch of fish.

InvestigateWest called the story “A supposedly sustainable fishery is harming Native Alaskans.” That “sustainable” label comes from the Marine Stewardship Council, a London-based group whose U.S. office is in Seattle. We’ll get back to the MSC and how it justifies the label shortly.

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